How To Download Videos From Hotstar

Downloading with Hotstar app

Downloading videos on the Hotstar app is rather easy because the feature is built into the app, with the only requirement being that you have a Hotstar account and that you are signed in. Though not all videos can be downloaded in the app. And the downloaded material can’t be transferred to your PC (want to know how to? ) or any other phone.

hotstar app

Downloading from Hotstar web

Unlike the hotstar app, there is no download feature offered on the website. You have two options to accomplish this. You can either use a tool called the HotstarDownloader or do the whole thing manually to get more geek points. This is all done on a windows machine, so if you are using a Mac OS or Unix based system just you will have to depend on the manual way.

The methods mentioned below was working fine on the time of writing this post. if it doesn’t, it means hotstar has finally found a way to counter it.

The automated way (the easy way)

First of all, download the “HotDownloader” from >>> HERE <<<< It’s a rar file containing a folder named “HotDownloader” in it. so unrar it to a place with enough space available because the videos will be downloaded into the “downloads” folder in it.

hotstar downloader

Run the “download.bat” file and you’ll be greeted with the following,

hotstar downloader

Paste the URL of the hotstar video you wish to download at the URL prompt and hit enter.

hotstar downloader

Now depending on the video a list of available resolution options will be provided, type in the appropriate number and hit enter again.

And finally, be patient and wait till it gets downloaded.

The manual way (the hard way)

There is no actual “hacking” or anything involved. To do it manually an understanding of what the m3u8  spec is all you need, it is  fully documented >>HERE<< and at your disposal.

How to get the m3u8 file?

While watching the hotstar video on your chrome browser, launch the “Developer Tools” (Ctrl + Shift + I) Navigate to the “Console” tab in it, and type in “cdn src” in the filter box,

hotstar m3u8 file

There will be one result with a long URL in it, right click it and copy it to the clipboard. *winks*

hotstar m3u8 file

This m3u8 url link will stop working after a few minutes. So unless you are slow as a snail to make use of it you won’t need to get a new one by following the same steps again.

You could use a tool like livestreamer along with the m3u8 url to download the video. Or download all the file segments ( .ts files ), crypt.key and make a local.m3u8  file for the required resolution of the video and use ffmpeg to join them with the following line of code on command prompt.

Yes you will need to have ffmpeg downloaded and added to your PATH for the instruction to run. And if all goes well, you will have a playable video file called output.mp4

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