How to Hide Files Inside Images

With the many possible ways available to hide data from prying eyes. To an extent, hiding stuff inside images is possibly the easiest option in some cases.


  • You will be needing an archiving software like WinRar, 7zip ,WinZip etc. 
  • An image file of any format (jpg, bmp, png, gif etc.. ).
  • The files you are planning to hide.


Gather all the files you plan to put away and wrap it up into a lovely little archive of your choice (rar, 7z, zip etc..)

Put the archive along with an image to a folder of your choice, possibly a folder on your desktop for convenience. 

Folder with a rar archive and a jpg image

Step 1: Open command prompt on that folder. One of the easist way to do this is to type cmd on the “address bar” and hit enter.

If all goes right you will have a command prompt window with current directory set as the path to your archive and jpg file.

like so,

C:\Users\Carina\Desktop\Secret Files>

Step 2: In the command prompt, enter the following.

copy /b image.jpg + files.rar output.jpg

That is all, you will now have a file named output.jpg in the folder. It will act as a regular jpg file even though it is holding an archive file behind it.


All this would be in vain if the hidden archive file cant be retrieved, right?

For that, just rename the file extension of the output image file from.jpg to .rar or .zip or .7z depending on the orginal file extension. After this simple step, the file can be opened with your archiving software.

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