How To Start, Stop and Restart Windows 10 Services

Tutorial Dec 4, 2020

Windows services are special programs that run in the background. They don't offer any user interfaces for us to interact with. Windows services can be compared to daemons in Unix Operating Systems. Services can start-up and do what they have to even without having any user signed in. Depending on the service, they may start automatically at boot or start when certain conditions are met.

Windows offer us more than one way to manage services. It can be done though the Windows Task Manager, services.msc and from the command line. If you wish to lean how to control Windows Services from the command line, click here.

Note: Services are managed by the Windows Operating System, and many of them are crucial for the proper working of the Windows environment. Messing with them without knowing what you are doing can cause problems. So, tread carefully.


Since Windows Vista, the Task Manager had a place to list all the services installed on our Windows machine. Either right-click the Windows taskbar and choose "Task Manager" or, do Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up the Task Manager.

windows task manager compact view

If you see the compact version of Task Manager, click on "More details" to see the more feature rich version.

windows task manager services tab
"Services" tab of Windows Task Manager

The "Services" tab of Task Manager offers a detailed list of all the services installed on your Windows machine. including information like the Process ID and current status of each service, telling you whether it is running or stopped right now.

Note: For more control over the services, you can click on the "Open Services" link on the bottom left. But for our current need, the Task Manager is enough.

All you need to do is right-click a service to start, stop or restart it. These actions will be available in the context menu that appears.

task manager service context menu, start, stop, restart, open services, search online, go to details
Start, stop or restart a service

As a word of warning, be careful when messing around with services you are not sure about. The results won't always be as you hoped it would be.



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